A Look at the Different Types of Progressive Lenses

By | 3rd November 2018

Once you cross your forties you will have to face presbyopia. This means that you will have to wear eyeglasses for vision correction. Progressive lenses have become popular among people with presbyopia. One of the main reasons for this is that these do not have ugly lines like the bifocals. They look like normal glasses which is perfect for that young look.

The different types of progressive lenses:

  1. Standard:

There will be some of you who do not want the bifocals which show people that you are now getting old. At the same time, progressive lenses will mean having a big budget. But that may not be the case. There are some standard progressive lenses which serve the dual purpose. They have no line demarcation and they also have a competitive price. But in this case, you will have limitations in choosing the frame. The frame needs to be of a particular size. The frame that you choose must have enough vertical height.

  1. Short corridor lenses:

If you have a liking for small frames then you must opt for the short corridor progressive lenses. These can be fitted in smaller frames but the optician needs to have the right skills and finesse to ensure that the lenses are fitted properly. These lenses are a bit more expensive as compared to the standard progressive lenses. A person may have a few problems in getting adjusted to these lenses.

  1. Near variable focus lenses:

These are also known as computer progressive lenses. These lenses help in providing clear vision in near and intermediate distances. These lenses are best suited for office work. These lenses help in giving comfort and they also help in preventing strain on the eyes.

  1. Premium lenses:

These lenses make use of better technology and provide better reading area. Normally a person will get adapted to these lenses with ease. They also give you the option of choosing the frame of your choice irrespective of what your prescription is. These are more expensive as compared to all other types of progressive lenses.

Choosing the right progressive lenses:

There are different progressive lenses brands available in the market. You need to first take into consideration your budget and then your requirements. Based on these two factors you can opt for the progressive lenses which help in giving you a clear vision and also suit your budget.

Online optical stores provide a large variety of progressive lenses:

It can be very confusing when it comes to selecting the best progressive lenses. But there is an easy way to do this. You must opt for a good online store which has a wide variety of lenses. It becomes possible to compare the prices and the features of the different progressive lenses on an online store. This is something that is not possible if you go to buy the lenses in a physical store.

Let your youth remain unaffected. Opt for the best brand of progressive lenses.

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