Branded Frames Are Optimal Solutions

By | 25th August 2017

It is a long time ago that glasses are no longer just visual aids. In addition to handbags and shoes, they are most often used in alternating accessories. An indispensable article and self-assertion in the eyes of all those who love fashion, they constitute an element of style immediately visible on the face. Inspired by fashion, the creation of glasses espouses current trends throughout the world. Even the glasses are transformed from one season to the next, the shape and the color giving a new expression to the frames. The king of extravagance never separates from it on stage.

Eyeglass frames are cool as pilots, sporty as butterflies and sexy as cat eyes. We keep the classic shapes such as pintos, cat eyes or butterflies that remain timeless. They are fresh, constantly renewed and yet totally independent of the changing trends of fashion, their design being redesigned to already restore the “old” to the taste of the day. Innovative materials, new color combinations and decorative details revive these classics from season to season.

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