Crazy Facts about Your Eyes That You Probably Did Not Know!

By | 16th August 2018

Eyes Crazy Facts

Your eyes are one of the best gifts from God.  These delicate organs of your body are very complex in nature. It is very important that you protect your eyes from irritants and contaminants. But did you know that there are some crazy facts about your eyes which probably you were not even aware.

Fast Reacting Muscles:

Did you know that your eyes blink 17 times in a minute and the eye muscles contract in less than 1/100th of a second? Now, that is really fast and also it involves a lot of work. It is important that you opt for the best quality polarized sunglasses online to protect your amazing eyes.

Similarity between Shark Eyes and Human Eyes:

The tissue structure of the human eyes and the shark eyes is the same. This is one of the reasons in cornea transplant services shark corneas are used. Now this is really amazing.

We All Have Unique Iris:

These days many identification and security measures are making use of iris inspection technology instead of fingerprint scanning. This is because the iris or the coloured part of the eyes has 256 unique characteristics whereas your fingerprints have only 40 unique characteristics.

Vision Loss May Not Be Part Of The Aging Process:

Many people feel that loss of vision in the old age may be a part of the aging process. But you will be surprised to know that this may not be the case. It must be noted that you can actually prevent vision loss. Vision changes will happen with time but the loss of vision is not associated with aging. If you take proper care of the eyes then you can avoid many issues related to the eyes.

Here Is What You Must Do To Protect Your Amazing Eyes!

You must be convinced that your eyes are truly amazing. So make sure that you take care of your eyes. It is important that you undergo regular eye check-ups. This way you will be aware if there is any change in the prescription or there are any defects in the eyes. If you get to know about the shortcomings and problems earlier on then they can be rectified with ease. Make sure that you select the best optician for selecting your glasses and frames.  Siddharth Opticals is a renowned name in online opticians. They have a large variety of glasses and frames like different progressive lenses brands.

Your eyes are truly incredible. Make sure that you take proper care of your eyes. Get your eyes checked on a regular basis and buy the best glasses depending on your budget and choice from the best online optician.

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