Do You Know About Progressive Lenses?

By | 9th September 2017

As the people grow old, they start facing trouble in seeing and reading a book. Perhaps, you don’t want to wear an eyeglass, but your doctor has advised a pair of progressive lens for your eyes. What will you do because you don’t know what it is?

Progressive lenses are such kind of lenses that contains 3 prescriptions in one pair of glasses. The lenses allow you to see a close-up object, middle-distance object and far-distance object without needing to change your glasses. They are also known as multi-focal lenses.

It is considered as the latest replacement on bifocal and trifocal lenses. Both are traditional glasses that have straight lines in the lenses whereas Polaroid sunglasses buy online have faultless look.

Who Uses Progressive Lenses?

People who have vision problem can choose these lenses, but eye-specialist suggests them for people who have crossed 40 and experience vision blurs during close-up work. The disease is known as presbyopia. It is a natural problem among people getting older.

What are the benefits of Progressive lenses?

With these lenses, you need not carry more than one pair of glasses to change from reading to regular glasses. Vision with these lenses is same and if you are shifting from viewing a close-up object to far-distance object, you will not have to take a jump as you do with Bifocal and Trifocals lenses. The progressive lenses look similar to regular glasses.

What are the disadvantages of progressive lenses?

As per a survey, these lenses take some time to adjust as you will have to see lower to read a book, middle to look straight or the computer and little upper to see the distant objects. Some of us feel uncomfortable with progressive lenses but must do. Take good cares of these lenses and keep away from rough surfaces.

How much do progressive lenses price in Delhi?

Another most important thing to consider is the cost. It is little costly and comes with more than the costs of traditional Bifocal and Trifocals lenses.

Progressive lenses are latest updates and the best alternative option for Bifocal and Trifocals lenses. There are many manufacturers offer different kinds of progressive lenses. Choose a color which suits you and enhances your persona. The progressive lenses give you same vision and with a little practice, you will be able to see the object clearly. Now, you don’t need to shift glasses from reading to regular because Polaroid sunglasses buy online solves your problem.

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