Eyeglasses Vs Contact Lens Shopping – Which One is Best

By | 9th October 2017

Deciding eyeglasses or contact lens to wear is all about personal choices, but comfort, budget, maintenance, also plays a major role while deciding on both. If you think one is better and other is not, then you should know about their pros and cons.

1 – Eyeglasses

Benefits of wearing eyeglasses:

  • Our eyes are less possible to infection as we don’t need to touch our eyes when we wear eyeglass
  • If we experience dry eyes, then eyeglass is the right option than doing contact lenses shopping
  • You don’t need to replace often and this way it is inexpensive than contact lens
  • We can do experiment with our look as eyeglass frames come in different designs
  • Eyeglass protects our eyes from dust and dirt

Drawbacks of wearing eyeglasses:

  • Many of us don’t like to wear eyeglass as it hides some features
  • If we have strong prescription, we will have to wear thick lenses and this way our eyes look magnified
  • In winter season, spectacles attract fogs and disturb our vision particularly if we ride a bike at night
  • Eyeglass make marks on the nose due to nose pads of eyeglass which is a case with metallic frames

2 – Contact Lenses

Benefits of wearing contact lenses:

  • The contact lenses are easy to wear, especially for outdoor activities
  • We don’t experience blur in cold weather while wearing it
  • We can change the color and look of our eyes while trying different color lenses
  • The lenses get fixed on the curve of the eyes which gives you a broader field of view

Drawbacks of wearing contact lenses:

  • Require techniques to wear contact lenses, especially for beginners
  • The lenses reduces the level of oxygen reaching your eyes, cause dry eyes
  • Working on computer wearing contact lenses may lead to the computer vision syndrome
  • The lenses require a lot of care and if your not clean properly every day, it may lead eye infections
  • If you sleep with contact lens on, it may lead dry, red and itchy eyes when you get up in the morning

With these benefits and drawbacks, you will definitely come to know that which one is best. We will recommend for both to experience. You can do contact lens shopping at Siddharth Opticals a fastest growing optical store and deals in every kind of eyewear with the affordable price that will not make a big hole in your pocket. So visit its website and enjoy shopping.

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