Have a Look at the Large Varieties of Sunglasses

By | 9th August 2018

One of the most important accessories that will change your entire look is the sunglasses. There are different types of sunglasses available on online stores. One can buy stylish sunglasses from online stores depending on one’s budget and style. Let us have a look at the different types of sunglasses that are available in the market.

One Stop Solution for Best Sunglasses

  1. Aviator Sunglasses:

Look like a pilot with the aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses have a metal frame and a distinctive droplet shape.

  1. Butterfly Shape:

People who like oversized sunglasses can make use of these sunglasses. They have a butterfly shape. They cover a major portion of the eyes. These give good protection to the eyes from the sun.

  1. Cat Eye Sunglasses:

These sunglasses have an upsweep at the outer edge. These types of sunglasses were very popular in the 50’s and 60’s and they give that perfect retro look.

  1. Club-master Sunglasses:

These sunglasses have a traditional looking browline frame and they have sunglass lenses. These sunglasses look classic and cool.

  1. Oval Sunglasses:

These sunglasses with the typical oval shape go well on any kind of face. They are one of the most common and also one of the most popular styles of sunglasses.

  1. Rectangular Sunglasses:

From the name, it is clear that these sunglasses have a rectangular shape. The edges can either be angular or they can be round as per the person’s liking.

  1. Circular Shape:

The round shaped lenses are best for those people who have the right attitude and those who like to make a statement.

  1. Shields:

These are perfect for those people who remain in the sun for a very long time.  As the name suggests these sunglasses protect your eyes in the front and at the sides.

  1. Square Shaped Sunglasses:

These type of sunglasses are best suited for those who have a round face or for those who have a narrow jawline.

  1. Wayfarer:

These sunglasses have a typical shape and a stylish thick frame and they go well in any kind of face.

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