Here Is How to Choose the Coloured Contact Lenses

By | 24th September 2018

Whether you want to look chic or just want to change the colour of your eyes you need to opt for good quality contact lenses. There are a few things that need to be considered before you buy the contact lenses.

Choose the Coloured Contact Lenses

Prescription and plano options!

Irrespective of whether you have a prescription or you do not have a prescription you can always wear coloured contact lenses. This is because there are plano and prescription options available in the case of these contact lenses.

A look at the different tints in colour contacts:

Colour contact lenses are available in different colours and lines. They try to enhance the natural look of the coloured part of the eye. The centre of the lens is clear so that you can see clearly. The different tints in the case of colour contacts are as follows:

  • Visibility tints are faint and they will not affect the colour of the eye much. These lenses normally have light blue or green tint.
  • Enhancement tint is to enhance the colour of the eyes. This is darker than the visibility tint but it is translucent. If you have light coloured eyes and want to get a darker look for the eyes then you must opt for this tint.
  • The opaque tint is non-transparent tint and it can change the colour of your eyes completely. These come in different colours like grey, blue, green, brown etc.

The colour of the contact lenses will depend on the colour of your eyes and the purpose for which you are buying. Enhancement tints will give you a more subtle look. If you have dark eyes then you can go for opaque tint. Coloured contacts lenses can be used to give a dramatic new look to your appearance.

Where to get the best coloured contact lenses?

The next important question is about buying these contact lenses. You first need to think about your budget. But keep in mind that the coloured contact lenses will be a bit more expensive as compared to normal contact lenses. But if you want to get the best deal on coloured contact lenses then you must explore the option of buying coloured contact lenses online.

Why opt for online stores?

There are a number of retail stores which do sell contact lenses but here you may not get to see a wide range. Besides, there are also chances that the pricing might be a bit on the higher side. But in the case of online stores, you will get to choose from a wide range of contact lenses. You will find that the prices are also very competitive.

Some of you may be worried about the quality of the contact lenses on online stores. If you select an online store of repute then you need not worry about the quality. Reputed online stores will always make sure that they have contact lenses of the best brands and quality in their stores.

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