Make-Up for Women Contact Lens Wearers

By | 1st February 2018

As per the survey, eye makeup is one of the most common problems for contact lens wearer. Though, it doesn’t mean you should not do eye make-up to see clearly. Knowing how to choose the right kind of cosmetic products and apply them correctly can make a difference. The given tips will help you to keep your eyes healthy even after contact lens online shopping in India.

Make-Up for Women Contact Lens Wearers

Basic Coverage – The first thing is always clean your hands prior to putting your contact lenses. After that, you can apply make-up. It is a good start to keep your shadows and liners in place.

Eyeshadow – Choose cream shadows over powder ones as they are less chance to enter in your eyes. Note that, creamy shadows can bother you if they enter into your eyes. So select water type in place of oil type.

Eyeliner – Using eyeliner is not a good idea for contact lens wearers because it puts a portion of eyeliner right on the lens and eye with jamming the oil glands of the eyelids. Pencils are suggested over cream liners, which can arid then flake. Avoid Kohl pencils, though they contain deep meals similar to lead.

Mascara – Stay away from the fiber mascaras because they deliver micro-flakes that can enter into your eyes. Also, avoid water-proof mascaras also as they can’t be washed away with water and can stick to your contact lens. Search for the fragrance-free product in place of that. When applying, don’t brush all the way so that the product doesn’t touch your eyes.

Well, there are a number of population of contact lens wearer are women, many cosmetic companies are producing products as per growing demand. Next time when you visit a cosmetic store, ask for products that are ophthalmologist tested and safe for eyes. But with these products, if you wear a lot of makeup regularly, think to opt regular lens.

While choosing anything, safety comes first. If you feel any irritation to your makeup, rinse quickly and discuss your eye doctor. Though, no need to be excessively concerned. By giving attention to your products and being cautious with your use, you will possibly be able to keep searching for the best contact lens shopping.

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